Right on Time, Right on Track


About the project

In their latest ad, Spotify asked to let the song play out. But seems like some people do not have the luxury of time to to do that. So we wanted to complement their latest spot to make sure all the busy hustlers let the song play out. To make it not just right, but right on time, and right on track.

    • Brand Credits Categories Awards
    • Spotify Hussam Moustapha (CW) Mobile x2 Sliver - Clio Music Awards
    • Hatem El Akad (CW) Digital Shortlist- NY Festivals
    • Yasmine Radwan (CW) Platinum - Muse Awards
    • Moataz Mohammed (AD) x4 Sliver - ADDYs
    • Brand Credits
    • Spotify Hussam Moustapha (CW)
    • Hatem El Akad (CW)
    • Yasmine Radwan (CW)
    • Moataz Mohammed (AD)
    • Categories Awards
    • Mobile x2 Sliver - Clio Music Awards
    • Digital Shortlist- NY Festivals
    • Platinum - Muse Awards
    • x4 Sliver - ADDYs

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